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The TLC Method

Maximize your trial skills and start winning more cases today by integrating moving methods of psychodrama taught by the Trial Lawyers College

Human beings are all connected in so many ways and on so many emotional levels. If you are feeling something, you can bet that other people feel it also. How to connect human beings on those levels of often hidden similarity? Unlock your empathetic power with TLC's use of life-changing psychodramatic tools. At the heart of every compelling court case is a deeply human tale. Your client's story has a unique narrative, rich with emotions and connective human experience, the re-telling of which can be the key to obtaining success in the courtroom. But how can you connect your juries and judges to these stories and present them authentically, powerfully, and persuasively?

This is where TLC is unrivaled in embracing powerful psychodramatic tools into its "action-method" teaching and philosophy. The Trial Lawyers College has been and remains the preeminent trailblazer in our profession through the creative use of psychodramatic methods to discover the true story of your case and reveal it to your juries and judges so they too can feel the pain, damage, loss, injustice, unfairness and betrayal of the most ordinary among us by the most powerful. The TLC methods, integrating psychodramatic tools, teach our warriors to have the jury join them in correcting the injustices and damage -- to avenge betrayal. No other training provides the same vibrant, potent recipe for success in the legal arena.


Why Psychodrama at the Trial Lawyers College?

Psychodrama is a crucial tool underpinning what we teach at the Trial Lawyers College. Why? Because it empowers you to navigate the complex terrain of human emotions, experiences, and motivations squirming beneath the surface of every legal dispute -- and within every human being, including our jurors. It equips you with a profound understanding of the characters involved – their thoughts, their feelings, and their personal truths.

Our application of Psychodrama goes beyond the mere recitation of facts. It's about truly grasping how those facts were experienced by your clients and witnesses. This understanding allows you to bridge the gap between being a mere narrator of events and creating a stage upon which you -- and the jurors -- can become jointly invested in your client's story and the need for restorative justice.

Unleash Your Full Potential

Who are you -- really? Who do you pretend to be? Do you stand in front of juries as an authentic person? Or, do you hide who you are behind words or fancy suits or other artifices? Do you realize you are perceived to be an unreliable narrator when you are inauthentic?

Psychodrama is a powerful method for self-discovery and authenticity. It helps you overcome personal barriers, create deeper empathic connections and establishes you as a credible, connecting, emotionally intelligent human being.

Using TLC's psychodramatic approaches, you will craft engaging, credible narratives that resonate with jurors on an emotional level. It gives you the capability to make others see what you see, feel what you feel, and ultimately, believe what you believe -- not because you have "convinced" anyone of anything....but because they experienced the journey with you.

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Explore the incomparable TLC Method and the power of integrating psychodramatic tools with Trial Skills. Be the storyteller who can effectively narrate the human drama behind every legal dispute. Let your courtroom successes be the byproduct of your empathetic journey into your clients' lived experiences.

Embrace the power of Psychodrama. Discover. Feel. Advocate. WIN. Want to learn more about The TLC Method and its powerful embrace of psychodrama?

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Recommended Reading: Psychodrama and Sociodrama by J.L. Moreno, M.D.

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By understanding and applying The TLC Method, you can become a powerful story-teller, emotionally connecting your jurors and judges to your client's cases such that they become a part of the story, where they feel the unfairness, injustice and pain. Once credibly felt, injustice cries for vigorous cooperation in imposing avenging justice. At TLC, you will learn how to unlock your empathetic power, craft compelling narratives, impart credible stories of betrayal crying for restorative justice and achieve courtroom success. You will learn how to WIN. Join Us


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